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Episode 10 10 Tactics for Success as a Self Managed Influencer

If you’re a self managed influencer, it can be difficult to prioritise all of the tasks of your creative efforts with the business side of your career.

It may be that you’re self managed because you’re just starting out as an influencer and only just beginning to build your career in the influencer marketing space. Or, you may not have met the threshold for agency management. Perhaps you’re somewhere in between – you may be using a combination of influencer marketplaces and self management as you’re progressing through your career.

Regardless of where you’re at, there’s some specific tasks you should focus on to ensure that you’re balancing building the business side of your business of influence while creating that fabulous content your audience loves.

In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss 10 tactics to set yourself up for success as a self managed influencer.

In Today’s Episode

[00:02:00] Defining your Brand

[00:10:00] Your Content Strategy

[00:21:00] Media Kit Creation and Maintenance

[00:26:00] Communication Skills

[00:32:00] Financial Management

[00:38:00] Legal Awareness

[00:44:00] Negotiation Skills

[00:50:00] Securing Brand Collaborations

[00:53:00] Mental Wellbeing

[00:56:00] Diversification across Platforms

[01:01:00] Balancing Time between Business and Creative

[01:04:00] Episode Resources

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