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Episode 9 Are you ready for a Talent Manager with Kylie Green, The Lime Agency

Influencers and content creators want to know when they will be ready for a talent manager, what does a talent manager do, how much do they charge, and will a talent manager increase their revenue?

Today, we’re joined by multi-award-winning agent, Kylie Green. Kylie is the Founder and Agency Director of The Lime Agency, a premium boutique agency who offer their talent unrivalled expertise across talent management, influencer marketing, and casting.

In our discussion with Kylie, we explore the dynamics of the talent-manager relationship. Covering everything from:

  • how to pitch yourself to agents
  • setting appropriate expectations
  • understanding the roles of both the manager and the influencer, and
  • forging successful brand partnerships.

This episode provides comprehensive insights on talent management basics, the criteria Talent Managers use to select talent for their portfolio, revenue (for you and the Talent Manager), efficient time management, and the art and importance of cultivating strong relationships.

In Today’s Episode

[00:00:00] Introduction to multi-award-winning agent, Kylie Green from The Lime Agency

[00:05:00] What does a Talent Manager do?

[00:07:00] Varying specialisations of Talent Managers

[00:09:00] Exploring the Influencer – Talent Manager fit

[00:10:00] Pitching yourself to Talent Managers

[00:15:00] The reality of reality TV

[00:18:00] The role of the Talent Manager

[00:21:00] Exclusive versus Non-Exclusive Representation

[00:26:00] Is a Talent Manager your PR Agent?

[00:30:00] Pitching and brand work from the Talent Manager’s perspective

[00:35:00] What does a Talent Manager charge?

[00:38:00] Strategies if you’re not ready for a Talent Manager

[00:40:00] Time management strategies for the side-hustle influencer

[00:44:00] Are influencer own product lines a good idea?

[00:47:00] Relationship building

[00:50:00] How to use a website to manage and build your influencer brand

[00:57:00] A final recommendation for influencers looking to be signed by a Talent Manager

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