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Episode 1 Brand Collaborations 101: Understanding the Brief

How exciting is it when a brand pops up in your DMs or messages and says, “we love your content, and we’d like to collaborate with you”?!

Is your first thought about counting the cash, or maybe “yay – free product!”? Perhaps you feel a little overwhelmed because you’re still building your experience in negotiating brand campaigns. That’s ok, we’ve got you.

For around 10 years, we’ve worked with the biggest celebrities, touring internationals, influencers and content creators globally to generate millions in brand campaign revenue. And, all brand campaigns, no matter how big or small, start with understanding the brief. So, that’s where we’re starting with our first full-length episode – Brand Collaborations 101: Understanding the Brief.

Today, you’ll learn about 15 things that you may need to consider when reviewing a brief from a brand. We get into the nitty gritty of these to set you up for campaign success.

In Today’s Episode

[00:02:56]  #1 What content deliverables does the brand require?

[00:03:21]  #2 Are the content deliverables clearly defined?

[00:04:33]  #3 Are you required to demonstrate a product or service in the content?

[00:05:41]  #4 Are you required to boost any content?

[00:06:34]  #5 Will the brand be publishing the content on their channels?

[00:07:01]  #6 Will the brand be publishing the content on any third-party channels?

[00:07:01]  #7 Is there paid distribution of your content on third-party channels?

[00:08:09]  #8 Is the brand asking for ownership rights of your content?

[00:09:12]  #9 What is the term of the campaign?

[00:10:05]  #10 Do any exclusivity provisions apply?

[00:10:59]  #11 Are the campaign messages clear?

[00:11:55]  #12 Are you creating content for a brand that’s in a regulated industry?

[00:13:10]  #13 Is content pre-approved required?

[00:14:30]  #14 What is the objective of the campaign?

[00:16:26]   #15 Is any end of campaign reporting required?

Understanding these steps is really important when it comes to setting up the next step, which is pricing your influencer campaign. And that’s what we cover off in episode two.

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