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Episode 2 Pricing Your Influencer Campaign

Today’s episode starts with a story time and how to become the best I could be at advising influencers and creators, I became one myself. I created the biggest social media following in my vertical nationally, secured a book deal as a brand collaboration and worked with the biggest national and international brands on paid campaign work. This enabled me to earn 6-figures annually in my side-hustle as an influencer. More importantly, it put me right where you are now – wanting to understand how to price campaigns.

Fast-forward nearly a decade later, there probably hasn’t been a brand campaign or partnership that I haven’t had experience in pricing. Whether it’s a straight out brand #sponcon or pricing casting in film, tv, radio, licensing – I’ve done it all.

Today we’re going to work through the framework you need to price your campaign:

  1. Evaluating the Brand
  2. Evaluating Your Value
  3. Evaluating the Campaign

In Today’s Episode 

[00:01:12]        Story time

[00:03:21]        Introduction to Campaign Pricing Framework

[00:03:21]        Evaluating the Brand – Brand Alignment

[00:05:10]        Evaluating the Brand – Reputational Risk

[00:06:49]        Evaluating the Brand – Brand Value

[00:08:21]        Evaluating Your Value – Audience Size

[00:09:08]        Evaluating Your Value – Engagement Rate

[00:09:48]        Evaluating Your Value – Audience Demographics

[00:10:41]        Evaluating Your Value – Past Performance on Campaigns

[00:11:41]        Evaluating the Campaign – Communication

[00:13:19]        Evaluating the Campaign – Content Quality

[00:14:20]        Evaluating the Campaign – Campaign Complexity

[00:15:42]        Evaluating the Campaign – Reviewing the Brief

[00:16:36]        Evaluating the Campaign – Campaign Timing

[00:17:28]        Evaluating the Campaign – Upselling

[00:18:52]        Evaluating the Campaign – Your Negotiating Skills

Remember, influencer campaign pricing is very individual. What one influencer brings to the table for a brand campaign is going to be vastly different to what the next influencer or content creator brings. The most powerful way you can increase your revenue is to start pricing your campaigns is by using The Business Of Influence Campaign Pricing FrameworkTM and to keep listening to each episode to build your professional skills.

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