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Episode 18 What Influencers Need to Know About Gifted Campaigns

Gifted campaigns often mark the beginning of your career as an influencer, especially as you’re building your audience. In the early stages, they serve as valuable opportunities to showcase your potential and versatility.

But it’s not just about receiving free products or services. Gifted campaigns are a testing ground for your personal brand and creativity. They challenge you to align a brand’s message with your unique voice and audience. This is where you learn the art of storytelling, crafting content that resonates with both the brand and your followers.

It’s also a crucial time to hone your negotiation skills, as you’ll often need to discuss expectations, content rights, and possibly future collaborations. Gifted campaigns are more than just a stepping stone; they’re a launchpad for your influencer career, laying the groundwork for professional growth and potential paid partnerships.

As your audience grows and your niche becomes more defined, the value of these campaigns tends to increase. This growth allows you to be more selective, choosing campaigns that truly align with your brand and values.  It’s a natural progression – as your influence expands, so does the caliber of opportunities that come your way.

What are the red flags on gifted campaigns, and what’s the process you should follow when offered a gifted campaign? We’ll get into that in today’s episode.

In Today’s Episode:

[00:03:00] What are influencer gifted campaigns?

[00:04:00] Using a campaign pricing framework for gifted campaigns

[00:05:00] Evaluate the Brand

[00:06:00] Evaluate Your Value

[00:06:30] Evaluate the Campaign

[00:08:30] The value proposition

[00:09:30] Red Flags for Influencer gifted campaigns

[00:14:00] Exploring opportunities for paid campaigns

[00:15:30] Review and reflection for professional growth and strategy

[00:17:00] Episode resources

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