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Episode 3 50 Ways to Upsell Your Influencer Campaign

We’ve got a bumper episode for you today. We have 50 ways to upsell your influencer campaign. That’s 50 ways to potentially increase your revenue – that’s the money that you earn – from working with a brand by upselling and creating more opportunities to work with the brand.

An upsell is a way for you to encourage a brand to purchase extra deliverables from you on a campaign. And, when you can demonstrate value in the upsell, you’ll benefit by earning extra money. The brand also benefits through additional content and engagement. It’s a win-win    

In today’s episode we’ve segmented campaign upsells into three different categories:

  1. Easy – these pricing opportunities represent quick wins and easy upsell options that can be seamlessly incorporated into every campaign quote. By including these simple additions, you can provide immediate value and enhance the overall campaign deliverables.
  2. Intermediate – These upsells are increasing in complexity and require a moderate investment of time and resources. While they may require additional planning and implementation, they present a valuable chance to enhance your campaign’s impact and provide brands with more comprehensive and refined deliverables.
  3. Advanced – The upsells are strategic concepts that require thoughtful consideration and negotiation. These upsell opportunities often involve longer development cycles and larger budgets. However, don’t be deterred by these factors, as confidently pitching these advanced upsells can lead to significantly improved revenue and deeper brand relationships. Embrace the potential of these opportunities, as I can say from experience that I’ve secured many (many!) upsells by confidently pitching these Advanced upsells!

In Today’s Episode

[00:01:14]   What is an influencer campaign upsell?

[00:02:00]  Introduction to Easy campaign upsells.

[00:02:30]  Introduction to Intermediate campaign upsells.

[00:03:06]  Introduction to Advanced campaign upsells.

[00:04:53]  Confidently pitching campaign upsells.

[00:05:48]  19 Easy campaign upsells.

[00:12:39]  21 Intermediate campaign upsells.

[00:25:24]  10 Advanced campaign upsells.

[00:33:00]  Episode Resources

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