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Let’s be real – being stuck on the endless content creation treadmill? Total drag. Waking up every day, scrambling for a fresh idea, filming it, then blasting it across the internet? It’s exhausting and, honestly, a bit of a buzzkill. It can make you forget why you even started creating content in the first place. Oh, you had a purpose, remember? Whether it’s to grow a fanbase, collaborate with cool brands, or even launch your own products, you didn’t jump into the influencer space just for kicks.

That’s where the magic of content batching swoops in to save the day! Imagine this: instead of the daily hustle, you’ve got a slick plan that sets you free. Content batching isn’t just about staying ahead of the game – it’s your ticket to becoming more visible, super productive, and genuinely thoughtful with your content. You’re hitting those CTAs like a pro. Plus, when a hot trend pops up, you’re ready to ride the wave without feeling like you’ve already run a marathon. Content batching is like a breath of fresh air, keeping you energized and on-point, delivering the right stuff at just the right time.

What is content batching for influencers?

Alright, let’s break it down: content batching for influencers? It’s all about smashing out a bunch of awesome content in one epic creative session. Think of it as your power hour (or hours) to craft everything you need. You’re not just making content willy-nilly; you’re diving into dedicated time slots, picking the most relevant platforms, categorising your content, plotting out your content calendar, figuring out how often you want to hit your audience with something fresh, actually creating the stuff, and then launching it into the world with some top-notch tools and resources. And hey, don’t forget to tweak your strategy every now and again to keep it as sharp as your latest post.

If you’re just stepping into the influencer arena, you might be like, ‘Whoa, this is some next-level stuff.’ But guess what? Content batching is old school – in the best way. Bloggers, those OG content wizards, have been rocking this method for over a decade. It’s one of those classic business tricks that’s been jazzed up for the influencer world.

🕒 Step 1: Set aside dedicated time blocks for Content Batching

Okay, so we’ve got this: time to mark some serious dedicated time blocks in our calendars. Social media? Yeah, it’s a wild ride, always changing. But with batching, you’ve got the best of both worlds. You’re dancing off that relentless content hamster wheel and still staying super tuned in to your audience. Win-win!

But what’s the real deal with these ‘dedicated time blocks’? Picture this: you’re chiselling out a chunk of time – maybe half to a full day each week – to whip up a week’s worth of killer content. Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, block out a couple of full days a month and boom – you’ve got a month’s worth of content in the bag. The more you batch, the more you’re in the zone, cranking out the content that makes your audience go wild.

It’s all about less stop-and-go, fewer distractions, and laser focus during those precious time blocks. The more you can do that, the more you’ll feel like a content creating superhero. So, grab that calendar and lock in those times. Your future influencer-self will thank you.

🌐 Step 2: Content Platforms

So, what’s up next? Deciding which content platforms to rule. If you’ve got a VA or a team turning your content into gold on various platforms, that’s awesome. This lets you cast a wider net and publish your content magic across multiple channels. Your team can jump into this content batching strategy at any point.

But hey, if you’re rocking it solo and handling everything from creation to distribution, it’s all about zooming in on the right platforms for you. Are you a natural in front of the camera, or maybe blogging is your jam (and yes, it’s still totally a thing)? Could be you’re killing it on TikTok, Pinterest, podcasting, YouTubing, or streaming on Twitch. Here’s a pro tip: zero in on two – three platforms where you really shine and go all-in on creating top-notch content there. Don’t stretch yourself thin trying to cover every platform under the sun. Quality over quantity, right?

As for me? I’ve got my top three:

  1. Dropping a weekly podcast.
  2. Serving up fresh weekly blogs.
  3. Email marketing (and hey, tune into Episode 13 with Peta Serras for some email marketing gold!)

Sure, you’ll catch some of my content on TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest, but they’re not my main stage. I picked podcast, blog and email marketing because they give me the reins (well, mostly), not some algorithm. And this isn’t just me talking. Tune into any big-shot biz influencer – Rachel Pederson, Gary Vee, Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield – they’ll all tell you the same thing: build your empire on platforms you control and, for goodness’ sake, build that email list.

🗂️ Step 3: Content Categories

Alright, we’re cruising now! We’ve nailed down Step 1: carving out those dedicated content blocks. Step 2: locking in our platform focus. Now, let’s dive into Step 3: Content Categories.

So, here’s the deal with content categories: think of them as your creative cornerstones, the stuff that really resonates with your audience. And hey, we all know your followers aren’t there just for an endless parade of #sponcon. They’re there for you, for that special something only you bring.

Feeling a bit puzzled about what your content categories could be? No sweat! Here’s a snazzy list to get those ideas flowing or to inspire your own unique categories:

  • Educational: Like me giving you the lowdown on content batching. Share your smarts – whether it’s cooking tips or tech hacks.
  • Inspirational: Got a throwback story or something that uplifts your community? That’s gold.
  • Engagement: This is all about getting those likes, comments, and shares rolling in. Think polls, contests, you name it.
  • Seasonal: Tap into the vibe of holidays and special events relevant to your crowd.
  • Behind the Scenes (BTS): Show what a day in your life looks like, or the magic behind your products.
  • Humorous/Feel Good/Entertaining: Everyone loves a good laugh or something that lights up their day.
  • UGC Content: Showcase the love – testimonials, fan creations, brand shoutouts.
  • Trending: If you’re all about trends, make room for them. Or get creative and mix trending sounds with your other categories.
  • Promotional: This is where you get to plug your own stuff – discounts, sign-ups, all the goodies.
  • SponCon: The big leagues, the dream zone of every influencer. Make sure you’ve got a spot for those sponsored gigs.

And who knows? You might come up with some other awesome categories that fit just right with your biz. Consider this list a springboard to your content category greatness.

⏳ Step 4: Content Frequency

Now, onto the next big thing: figuring out just how often you’re going be dropping that awesome content. Remember how I mentioned my own rhythm? A weekly podcast, 2-3 blogs every week, plus a couple of emails zinging into inboxes. That’s my jam.

But what’s your beat? How often are you planning to light up your audience’s feed? Maybe you’re a TikTok Queen, posting several times a day. Or perhaps an IG Reel is your daily creative espresso shot. Could be you’re all about YouTube shorts or daily Pinterest pins.

Whatever your style, it’s all about finding the right tempo that works for you and keeps your audience engaged. So, take a moment, think about your platforms, and decide: what’s going to be your content frequency groove?

📅 Step 5: Create Your Content Calendar

Alright, this is where the magic happens – where everything you’ve been working on comes together in a grand symphony of content! How you orchestrate this depends on your tech-savvy level or how much you love to get your thoughts down on paper.

Here’s my personal toolkit – a bit of a mixed bag, really:

  1. Old School Style: I’ve got my trusty pen and paper, a printed monthly calendar where I jot down every piece of content, the design format from my brand library, and which content pillar each piece fits into.
  2. Trello Time: This is where I sort my ideas, brainstorm content concepts, and storyboard like a boss.
  3. Idea Bank in Trello: A go-to place for all those spontaneous content ideas that pop into my head.
  4. Caption Crafting: Once my visual content list looks spot-on, I start crafting those catchy captions.
  5. Content Creation: Depending on what I’m working on, it could be time to shoot, record, or repurpose content – like turning podcast audio into blog gold.
  6. Canva Creativity: Here’s where I whip up all the visuals. Think audiograms for social media, converting posts into stories, you name it.
  7. Trello, Again!: All my shiny new assets get parked here.
  8. Scheduling Showtime: I’ve used a mix of tools – paid, free, and native – to get my content out there.

I’ve been in the content planning game for a while, so this system is my sweet spot. But hey, if you’re more of a Google Sheets person, go for it! The key? Find a system that feels right, stick with it, and tweak it as you grow more confident.

And there you have it! As we wrap up this post,  don’t sweat it if you’re feeling a bit swamped. Once you get the hang of batching your content, you’ll find yourself swimming in a sea of creativity and free time.

It’s all about balancing that prepped content with some spontaneous posts. Keep an eye on those trends to keep your content zesty and always, always give your content categories a little check-up to ensure you’re hitting that sweet spot with your audience.

If you’re itching for fun chats about all this, listen into episode 17 of The Business Of Influence Podcast: ‘Content Batching for Influencers’. We’re unpacking all the juicy details and sharing some killer tips to get your content game on point. You won’t want to miss it!