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Episode 16 What is a UGC Creator?

In the early days of social media, many of us with an account were UGC Creators. User Generated Content is when a user on social media posts content and tags a brand.

A perfect soy flat white from your favourite barista tagged on Insta – UGC. That gorgeous new pair of shoes you’ve been coveting tagged with the brand – UGC. Living your #bestlife on a girls weekend at a cute getaway with the BnB tagged – UGC. Each time a post is published on socials with a brand tagged, it’s UGC and brands LOVE it. Why wouldn’t they? It’s free advertising after all.

So, what’s the difference between anyone with a social media account posting and tagging a brand and a professional UGC creator? What are the differences between a UGC Creator and an Influencer? Why do Brands love UGC content and how Brands work with UGC Creators.

In Today’s Episode:

[00:03:00] What is UGC?

[00:05:00] Why Brands love UGC.

[00:07:00] What is a UGC Creator?

[00:08:30] What are the differences between UGC Creators and Influencers?

[00:11:00] How Brands work with UGC Creators.

[00:12:30] What you need to know as a UGC Creator.

[00:17:30] Episode Resources.

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