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Episode 13 Email Marketing for Influencers with Peta Serras, Professional Babe

Email marketing might not be at the top of your list when you’re thinking about expanding your influence and making money. This week, Peta from Professional Babe and I are going to turn this thinking upside down. Want a $55k launch selling something that’s yet to exist or maybe a $21k launch from a subscriber base of less than 100 people? It’s all very possible with email.

Peta is the founder of Professional Babe. In her own words, she describes herself as a butter enthusiast, super Virgo, Jon Hamm’s future wife, and an expert business fondler.

She’s been with a lot of people and is happy to kiss and tell — over 500 business owners have trusted Professional Babe with their business, so know you’re about to get your growth game on with experienced hands. Her methods are sticky, scalable, and profitable, and her focus is on working with businesses to boost their profit and streamline their business through consulting and strategy.

We’re going to talk all the juicy stuff email marketing can do – even for influencers and content creators that are just starting out, or even yet to start. There’s some great freebies and resources to help you along the way, all wrapped up with a bow for you in the show notes.

In Today’s Episode:

[00:01:00] Kiss and Tell with Peta Serras, Professional Babe.

[00:08:00] ROI on email content (it will blow your mind).

[00:10:00] Email = getting really good shares on your social content.

[00:12:00] Why brands love email marketing.

[00:13:00] It’s not the (email list) size that counts, it’s how you use it.

[00:19:00] Segments: think of them like your Mum, your Barista and your BF. You’ll tell each one a different story.

[00:23:00] Standard sales campaign, meh. Segmented campaign – up to 320% more $$$.

[00:24:00] Meet party boy Chad.

[00:29:00] Valerie – she’s the expert you want to be.

[00:30:00] Time to dust off Pinterest?

[00:34:00] Professional Babe Shit Hot Email Planner

[00:37:00] TAVO – Trust, Authority, Value, Offers

[00:40:00] Give Good Email

[00:47:00] The Business Fondle

[00:48:00] Episode Resources

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