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With the world more connected than ever and a steady stream of information constantly at our fingertips, it’s now essential to take a break from our screens. Instagram understands this need for moderation and has recently launched “Quiet Mode”, an option that allows users to strike a balance between being online and taking some time off.

Instagram understands that it can be difficult to take a break from the notifications and alerts, so they have created Quiet Mode as an option for users. This will allow users to customise their notification settings according to their own well-being needs. With this feature, you’re easily able to manage your digital health and find balance with technology.

How it Works

Once Quiet Mode is activated, all push notifications will be turned off for a certain period of time to assist users in fully disconnecting and recharging from the constant distraction that comes with incoming notifications. Users have the option to activate this feature temporarily, such as 30 minutes or 1 hour, or for an extended duration like a full day up one week.

Users are able to tailor the types of notifications they receive; that means you can switch off all alerts except for direct messages from your closest friends and family.

Why it Matters

With the never-ending deluge of data coming at us from our phones and social media, it’s easy to get lost in this constant flow. Jane Manchun Wong, Product Manager for Instagram shared her thoughts on the new feature saying: “We want people to have all the tools necessary so they can manage their mental health while using Instagram”. With Quiet Mode and some will power, you might gain some more control over your digital life.

By offering Quiet Mode, Instagram is empowering those who have become disenchanted with social media to take back control of their usage and potentially improve their mental health. As Alex Schultz, the Head of Well-being for Instagram noted “We are dedicated to creating a secure and encouraging atmosphere for our community, and Quiet Mode is one way we’re helping people look after themselves on Instagram.”


In the upcoming weeks, Instagram’s Quiet Mode and new navigation design is rolling out to iOS and Android users worldwide. By accessing the feature in their app settings menu, users can effortlessly disconnect from social media when needed – a much-needed respite as we become ever more reliant on our phones and apps. This new addition to Instagram will undoubtedly be appreciated by many with its simplicity in helping us maintain our well being.