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Episode 19 Influencer's Guide to Talent Management Agencies

You’re acing your social game and the deals are coming in left, right and center. You might have been approached by a talent agency to sign you, or you’re starting to put out feelers with agencies.

With the global influencer marketing industry valued at over $21 billion in 2023 and a projected $69 billion by 2029, it’s no surprise that Influencer Talent Agencies and Managers are popping up all over the place.

Operating a successful Talent Agency is not just about having an in-depth knowledge of the influencer marketing industry. It’s also about having a keen eye for legal and risk management, compliance obligations, sales and marketing strategies and the ability to build great relationships with your talent, agencies, and brands. Did I also mention being a gun negotiator?

So how will you know that an agency will be a good fit for you? As the:

  • Founder of three influencer talent agencies, each of which have been acquired;
  • the owner of a social media, e-commerce and IP law firm that’s been operating for over 10 years;
  • an in-demand industry consultant to talent, agencies and brands globally via The Business Of Influence; and
  • the Inaugural Co-Vice Chair of Australian Influencer Marketing Council –

I know my way around talent agencies, the industry and what good alignment looks like!

Today’s episode has my hot tips for you for when you’re starting discussions with a talent agency, because for every great one out there, there’s a bunch more without the proven experience that’s needed to push your influencer career forward with nice, juicy deals to deliver that sweet cash.

In Today’s Episode:

[00:03:00] Top four most relevant Talent Agencies for Influencers and UGC Creators

[00:06:00] Narrowing down the best Talent Agency fit

[00:07:00] Self-Research – things for you can investigate yourself about the Talent Agency

[00:08:30] Direct Enquiry Questions – essential questions to ask the Talent Agency

[00:17:30] Third-Party Questions – the final piece of researching the best agency fit

[00:20:00] Episode resources

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