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Episode 29 The Untapped Potential of EGC

You’re probably familiar with UGC, which is User Generated Content. EGC is Employee Generated Content and it’s coming in hot for 2024.

EGC refers to authentic content created by employees, offering a unique insider’s perspective on a brand’s culture, values, and day-to-day operations. This form of content is gaining significant traction as it leans into transparency and fosters a genuine connection between the brand and its audience.

The rise of EGC marks a shift towards more organic and relatable corporate storytelling, as it empowers employees to be brand ambassadors, sharing their experiences and insights in a way that resonates deeply with consumers and stakeholders. It marks a potential shift away from other traditional forms of brand advertising.

Today’s episode will step you through understanding EGC to leverage the golden opportunity to transition from external brand promoters as influencers and UGC Creators to internal EGC brand storytellers. This can open new, exciting pathways for your career as a professional influencer. How are you going to use it?

Today’s Episode

🌐 [00:01:00] What is Employee Generated Content or EGC?

👥 [00:04:00] The differences between User Generated Content, Influencer Generated Content and Employee Generated Content

🔒 [00:05:00] How trust and authenticity comes into play with EGC.

🏢 [00:06:00] Examples of brands using EGC in the market.

⚡ [00:08:00] More on the power of EGC and why brands are using it.

💼 [00:11:00] How to find a job as an EGC Creator.

🚀 [00:15:00] Emerging careers as EGC Creators, Strategists and Managers.

📚 [00:17:00] Episode Resources

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