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Episode 8 The Rise of Micro Influencers

What are the key tactics micro influencers should leverage to gain more opportunities and create a better relationship with brands?

In today’s episode, we discuss the rise of the micro influencer, their increased importance in brand influencer marketing strategies; and different tactics micro-influencers can use to leverage their brand appeal while maintaining audience engagement.

We’ll discuss why ‘less might be more’ and:

  1. What is a micro influencer?
  2. Why are micro influencers on the rise?
  3. Tactics for micro influencers to create brand opportunities.

In Today’s Episode

[[00:00:38] The rise of micro influencers and the changing dynamics of brand collaboration

[00:01:07] Addressing the common myth that only influencers with massive follower counts are valuable for brand collaborations

[00:02:01] Micro vs. Mega Influencers

[00:02:59] The authentic and connection micro influencers share with their followers

[00:03:33] Cost effective micro influencer campaigns

[00:04:02] Micro influencers and niche markets

[00:04:52] Micro influencer engagement rates and why brands love them

[00:05:27] The trust factor of micro influencers

[00:07:25] An industry shift toward micro influencers

[00:14:14] Quality over quantity in your content

[00:14:26] Educating brand partners

[00:15:23] Partnering with other micro influencers

[00:16:34] Staying updated with current trends

[00:17:34] Diversifying your influencer platform presence

[00:18:59] Upselling to brands

[00:20:03] Gathering feedback from brands

[00:21:42] Using platform insights

[00:22:07] Consistency is key

[00:22:28] Episode wrap and resources

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