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Episode 27 Are Influencers Trustworthy?

Are influencers trustworthy? I feel like that’s a big question to tackle but I’m ready for it. Are you ready to find out where you sit on the trustworthy scale?

We live in a world where 80% of consumers are swayed by influencer endorsements. And, in 2024 influencer marketing is expected to deliver a mind-blowing 420% ROI for brands. In other words, for every $1 a brand spends on influencer marketing, they can expect $5.20 back in return. The power of influencers in shaping consumer behaviour is undeniable! So how does that relate to trust?

When we look the dynamics of social media, authenticity, and brand partnerships, the trustworthiness of influencers remains a topic of vigorous debate. Do you stand proud as you call yourself an influencer, or are you a little apprehensive when saying this aloud – outside of the influencer community?

In today’s episode of The Business Of Influence podcast I going to discuss the relationship between influencers, brands, and consumers, and we’ll look at how transparency, authenticity, and genuine engagement are shaping how trustworthy you’re considered as an influencer. And you know what? I’m going to give you some nifty stats and info to share with brands when you’re at the negotiating table to demonstrate how trustworthy and influential you are.

In Today’s Episode

[00:00:00] The state of influencer marketing and how it relates to your trustworthiness

[00:04:00] The role of micro-influencers in driving authentic and trustworthy content

[00:06:00] Influencer impact on consumer behaviour (spoiler: it’s massive)

[00:08:00] Transparency and authenticity: how do you measure up?

[00:09:00] How do brands measure trust?

[00:10:30] Brands, generational influence and trust. It might sound boring but it’s important for you.

[00:12:00] Balancing SponCon and the need to make money while staying trustworthy

[00:14:00] Are influencers trustworthy?

[00:15:30] Episode Resources

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