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Episode 24 Sienna in the Sun's UGC Creator Success Story

Today’s conversation is one where time seems to fly! Sienna and I chatted far beyond what will make it to the cut of this episode, so I’m sure that there will be many more invitations extended to Sienna to draw on her success as a UGC creator and her rising influence as a mentor in this space.

Who is Sienna? She’s a vibrant 23-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, known for her brand, Sienna in the Sun. Sienna’s content is a breath of fresh air, with her colourful and creative edits, good vibes and educational content.

As an influencer, UGC Creator, actor, model, and educator, Sienna is a multifaceted talent. Her mission is simple: to inspire people to embrace their happiest selves. Whether it’s through advocating self-love and body positivity, embracing colourful fashion and dopamine dressing, or encouraging others to pursue their passions and start their creative ventures.

Sienna has a passion for making genuine connections with fellow creators and collaborating with brands that champion fun and positivity. In this episode, she shares invaluable tips for influencers and content creators on building their careers, the tools and resources she relies on, and how she fosters connections with her community and brands. 

We discuss media kits, and I must say, Sienna’s is one of the most impressive Influencer Media Kits I’ve come across. We also discuss Sienna’s Free Brand Pitch Template, a game-changer in her career that has generated over $85,000 in brand work, enabling her to pursue content creation full-time.

We also chat about Sienna’s Content Creators Australia Facebook Group and her role as a mentor to emerging talents. All the links to Sienna’s channels and resources will be provided in the expanded show notes, so make sure to follow her and join her Content Creators Australia community for inspiration and practical guidance.

Get ready to be inspired by Sienna’s success as a UGC Creator in this bumper episode!

In Today’s Episode

[00:00:00] Introduction to Sienna in the Sun

[00:05:00] Sienna’s approach to photography and editing for engaging content

[00:07:00] Sienna’s creative process for content generation

[00:08:45] Using Trello for content management and idea organisation

[00:11:00] Sienna’s content production process and the benefits of scripting

[00:14:00] Building a community, engaging with audiences and brands

[00:17:00] Showcasing work and pitching to brands with a digital media kit

[00:21:00] Sienna’s FREE pitching template that generated over $85K in brand work for her!

[00:23:00] Strategies for pitching and collaborating with brands

[00:28:00] UGC Creator Mentoring

[00:30:00] Content Creators Australia Facebook Group

[00:33:00] Managing business aspects of being an Influencer and UGC Creator

[00:38:00] What’s ahead for 2024 for Sienna in the Sun

[00:40:00] Closing thoughts: managing jealousy, staying focused, permission to be cringey

[00:43:00] Episode Resources

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