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Episode 15 Influencers Guide to Brand Campaign Types

In the influencer marketing space we talk a lot about the deliverables and pricing of influencer campaigns but not often enough about the different types of brand campaigns.

As creators, being aware of the different brand campaign types will definitely help you when it comes to reviewing the brief, pricing and delivering your campaigns. It will also set you up for success with the brand, knowing that you’re going to meet their expectations. Just like all content is not created equal, neither are all campaign types equal!

When we think about these different campaign types, in most cases they can be applied to whatever type of content you’re creating. It could be a TikTok post, IG Reel or Stories, YouTube Shorts or Video, Blog Post – or something else. We’re not talking about the delivery mechanism – the platform you’re creating content on, rather the type of brand campaign.

In Today’s Episode:

[00:00:00] Why you need to understand different brand campaign types.

[00:03:00] Discount Code and Affiliate Marketing Influencer Campaigns.

[00:04:30] Competition and Giveaway Campaigns.

[00:08:00] Important things you need to know about Competitions and Giveaways.

[00:08:30] UGC Campaigns.

[00:11:00] Whitelisting Campaigns aka Boosted Content, Paid Promotion, Creator Advertising.

[00:16:00] Brand Ambassador Campaigns.

[00:19:00] Event Activations.

[00:22:00] A note on Gifted Campaigns.

[00:22:30] Episode Resources.

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