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Episode 28 The Importance of Disclosure in Your Influencer Content

Transparency and disclosure in your influencer content is our discussion topic for today’s episode of The Business Of Influence podcast. Love it, hate it or accept it – understanding and practicing transparency is a key element of being a professional influencer.

The Federal Trade Commission in the US recently sent letters to influencers putting them on the hook for fines of up to $50K and giving those influencers 15 days to respond regarding disclosure compliance.

In Australia that same month, the ACCC released a report stating that 81% of influencers scrutinised by them raised concerns regarding their conduct. These influencers were predominantly in the fashion, home and parenting and travel and lifestyle niches. Prior to conducting the sweep, the ACCC asked the public for tip-offs about influencers who do not disclose advertising in their posts. In other words, if your competitor in the influencer space wants to take you down, it’s not too hard to do with a tip-off to a regulatory body.

Disclosure plays a big role in the trust equation too. This means, if you’re not trustworthy, you’re less likely to grow your audience, have meaningful engagement and be booked by brands.

This might not be your favourite subject but it’s an important one. Let’s get into it in today’s episode.

Today’s Episode

📣 [00:01:00] FTC puts influencers on notice for possible fines of up to $50,000

🔍 [00:02:00] ACCC states 81% of influencers scrutinised raised concerns about disclosure

💡 [00:02:30] The link between influencer disclosure and trustworthiness

📈 [00:04:00] Why disclosure by influencers in brand campaigns is important

🌟 [00:05:00] Emerging trends for 2024 and how these affect influencer brand campaigns

🚫 [00:06:30] Busted! Some influencers and brands who didn’t get it right and what happened

❓ [00:08:00] Would your influencer career recover if you were dobbed in to a governing body?

✅ [00:08:30] Best practices for influencer disclosure

📚 [00:10:00] Episode Resources

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