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Episode 26 Influencer Scope of Work - Setting Out Usage Rights

Today we’re going to discuss setting out usage rights, also known as publication and distribution rights when quoting a brand for campaigns and for when you prepare your influencer scope of work.

In last week’s episode we discussed how as you become more experienced in working with brands and reading campaign briefs, you’ll understand there’s an art to setting out your influencer scope of work, especially when it comes to defining your content deliverables.

It’s equally important to accurately define the brand’s usage rights so that you have clarity and control over your content, legal protection, leverage and monetising opportunities.

And because you’re creating content on different platforms, I’m going to discuss suggested wording for you to use in relation to content you produce for social media content, blogs, public appearances and as acting as a media/ PR spokesperson on behalf of a brand.

As always, there’s going to be some resources for you to support your learning in our expanded show notes, including copy and paste wording from today’s episode. Plus two freebies for you: 50 Upsells for Your Influencer Campaign and Checklist for Preparing Your Influencer Scope of Work.

In Today’s Episode

[00:00:00] Introduction setting out Usage Rights for an Influencer Scope of Work

[00:07:00] What you need to consider when preparing Brand Usage Rights

[00:08:30] Setting out Usage Rights – Social Media Posts (Organic, Paid and Extended Rights)

[00:12:00] Setting out Usage Rights – Blog Posts (Organic, Paid and Extended Rights)

[00:16:30] Setting out Usage Rights – Public Appearances (Organic, Paid and Extended Rights)

[00:20:00] Setting out Usage Rights – Media Spokesperson (Organic, Paid and Extended

[00:24:00] MOOTS Influencer Facebook Group for 1:1 Feedback

[00:24:30] FREEBIES: Influencer Checklist for Preparing a Scope of Work and 50 Campaign Upsells

[00:24:30] Episode Resources

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