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Episode 14 Influencer Campaign Checklist

Understanding the process for a brand campaign is fundamental to the success of any collaboration and like me, it seems you love checklists because “Influencer Campaign Checklist” is one of the most searched terms on The Business Of Influence website.

Consider this to be your audio checklist covering all the steps you need to follow from the start through to the end of a brand campaign. From understanding the brief, pricing and upselling your campaign, getting paid, running your campaign and post campaign follow up. We’re going to cover it all today.

We won’t leave it there though, you’ll find lots of additional resources including Influencer Campaign Checklist, Influencer Scope of Work Checklist, Getting Paid on Time Checklist, 50 Upsells for Your Influencer Campaign.

Be sure to click through to the show notes to grab all your freebies to get you on the right track to nailing your brand campaigns.

In Today’s Episode:

[00:00:00] Setting your influencer campaign up for success.

[00:03:00] Understanding the brief from the brand.

[00:05:00] What to do if the brand hasn’t supplied a campaign brief (we’ve got some copy/paste wording for you)

[00:06:00] Upselling your influencer campaign.

[00:07:00] Pricing your influencer campaign.

[00:09:00] What you need to do to get paid on time.

[00:10:15] Your campaign scope or work or quote.

[00:13:00] Negotiation and managing a NO from a brand.

[00:14:00] Tips, tactics and resources for delivering your campaign.

[00:16:00] Post campaign brand love.

[00:18:00] Episode Resources

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