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Episode 25 Influencer Scope of Work - Setting Out Content Deliverables

Today’s show is about your influencer scope of work and how to set out your content deliverables.

When you’re quoting a brand for campaign work and when you prepare your influencer scope of work, use of clear definitions of your content deliverables is important. As you become more experienced in working with brands and reading campaign briefs, you’ll understand that there’s an art to setting out your content deliverables.

It’s easy to be caught out having to produce more content, content to a different standard, perhaps a longer duration, or content that might deviate significantly from your usual style if these aspects aren’t clearly negotiated and defined up front. Setting out your influencer content deliverables is a fundamental aspect of creating your campaign quote, or scope of work.

Like many things, when you’re just starting out, this might feel a little bit tricky. But with practice, you’ll be able to do this with confidence. Learning how to do this is also a great step in building your negotiating skills. You might see gaps where you can upsell brands to offer more content opportunities and increase your income from the campaign. Or maybe you’ll see an opportunity to offer some extra content as a value add at no charge.

As always, there’s going to be some resources for you to support your learning in our expanded show notes, including copy and paste wording from today’s episode. Plus two freebies for you, which will all be listed at the end of the episode.

In Today’s Episode

[00:00:00] Introduction setting out Content Deliverables for an Influencer Scope of Work

[00:02:00] Understanding the different Content Types

[00:04:00] When to adjust your Content Deliverable descriptions

[00:05:00] Imagine yourself preparing a quote or responding to a brand enquiry

[00:05:15] Setting out Content Deliverables – Instagram In-Feed Posts

[00:10:00] Setting out Content Deliverables – Instagram Stories

[00:12:00] Setting out Content Deliverables – TikTok

[00:14:00] Setting out Content Deliverables – YouTube

[00:16:00] Setting out Content Deliverables – Blogs

[00:18:30] Setting out Content Deliverables – Newsletters

[00:20:00] MOOTS Influencer Facebook Group

[00:20:30] FREEBIES: Influencer Checklist for Preparing a Scope of Work and 50 Campaign Upsells

[00:20:30] Episode Resources

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