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As we anticipate the next two years, Gen Z is set to revolutionise fashion, social justice initiatives, beauty trends, economic development in web3 technology, cuisine preference changes as well as affecting music production and dating dynamics. Instagram conducted a survey among American Gen Z users which revealed that the most common predictions for 2023 were healing from prior struggles, feeling energized with positive vibes radiating throughout society and gaining inner confidence or “Main Character Energy”. Now that we’ve uncovered the insights of each category, let’s explore how Gen Z can use these trends to their advantage and shape their content strategies.

Fashion – Recycle, Reuse, Reconstruct

Sustainability is a major priority for Gen Z and in 2023, they will take matters into their own hands. More than half of the respondents stated that they would craft their clothing from scratch as an eco-friendly alternative to fast fashion. Additionally, this generation has an affinity for thrift shopping , with over a quarter opting for second-hand items when something exceeds their budget limits. By taking initiative and becoming creative with what’s available to them, Generation Z are demonstrating skillful frugality in regards to wardrobe choices

As an influencer, you can ride the wave of sustainability by creating fashion tutorials and looks with thrifted pieces, as well as showing off your eco-savvy wardrobe on your platform.

Social Justice – Taking Action

As the year 2023 begins, Gen Z is growing more active in utilizing their economic power to support causes and communities they are passionate about – particularly disability advocacy. With increased visibility of political issues from this energetic generation, we can anticipate an influx of young American politicians entering Congress, with Maxwell Frost being one example as the first member elected at only 21 years old. As these Americans continue to come into voting age, Gen Z will be a driving force for change across America. Here in Australia, Animal Justice Party MP Georgie Purcell has set the record in 2023 as the youngest woman elected to the Victorian Legislative Council.

As an influential creator, you can capitalise on this trend and make a true impact by producing content that brings attention to social justice causes and displaying practical ways for your followers to get involved.

Beauty – Climate and Expressive Beauty

Cosmetic and beauty products are a way for Gen Z to express themselves. While it is not meant to increase their sense of attractiveness, they can be utilised to showcase their uniqueness through experimental makeup looks wherever they feel comfortable. As the effects from climate change become more apparent, 2 out of 3 Gen Z shoppers will seek protective skincare and beauty items by 2023 as an extra defence against harsh elements.

As an influencer, you can capitalise on this trend by constructing makeup tutorials that demonstrate dynamic and daring looks. Additionally, you can review and advocate for eco-friendly beauty products to promote sustainability.

Web3 – Alt Takes On The Metaverse

Gen Z is determined to create a more inclusive world in the Metaverse, emphasizing individuality and fairness. They fervently hope for avatars that accurately demonstrate various body types, clothing styles, as well as skin tones over the course of this year. Virtual influencers are an amazing source of inspiration with over half Gen Z social media users seeking fashion or beauty advice from digital icons and personalities by 2023.

As an influencer, you can capitalize on this trend and maximize its potential by creating virtual avatars or utilising virtual backgrounds in your videos while collaborating with other digital influencers.

Financial – The Financial Renaissance

An overwhelming majority of Gen Z plans to use their social media presence for monetary gain in the upcoming year, with 64% already starting monetisation projects. Additionally, 85% plan on acquiring more financial intelligence by learning new skills; a quarter even intending to focus this knowledge towards finance specifically. It’s clear that Generation Z’s priority lies within mastering fundamental life skills – such as financial literacy – and incorporating them into both traditional and modern contexts.

As an influencer, you can capitalise on this trend by producing content related to financial literacy, teaching your followers how to generate income from their own content and side businesses, and exhibiting your personal journey in the realm of finance. By demonstrating that frugality leads to prosperity through tangible successes, you will be able to reach out even farther than before.

Food – Plant-based and Sustainable

As an influencer, it is your chance to capitalise on the growing awareness of Gen Z in regards to environmental and animal issues by creating plant-based and eco-friendly recipes videos. You can also present sustainable food products while giving helpful advice as how individuals may reduce their meat consumption. Reports indicate that over half of Generation Z will be consuming less meats within this year, with two-thirds intent on purchasing more meaningful food items for a healthier planet. Leverage this perspective today!

Creator Trends – Authenticity and Diversity

Gen Z values realness and variety, which can clearly be observed in the content they indulge in. They want to come across relatable, genuine material that displays diversity within their own lives. As an influencer, you can take advantage of this trend by being true-to-form and honest with yourself as well as showcasing a range of individuals such as different races, physical attributes, abilities and cultures while bringing alternate views into play too!

Music – Rising Gen Z Artists

In 2023, Gen Z will be at the forefront of the music industry. Their distinctive styles and tastes will propel them to stardom with a special emphasis on embracing diversity and inclusivity. Furthermore, they are more likely to find new music through streaming services or social media platforms than traditional radio or TV outlets. Clearly, Gen Z is transforming how we discover new music today.

As an influencer, you can capitalize on this trend by familiarizing yourself with the freshest Gen Z artists and integrating them in your content. To further drive engagement, create music-related posts like playlists, concert reviews or interviews with up-and-coming Gen Z musicians.

Dating – Online and Virtual

As the generation of Gen Z is increasingly embracing virtual dating, we can expect to see a surge in digital dating platforms and activities such as speed-dating or meetups virtually.

As an influencer, now’s your chance to capitalise on this trend by crafting content around online/virtual dating – from reviews and tips to hosting virtual events. This way you can help your followers navigate through the ever-growing world of modern romance while staying safe at home.

To keep up with the ever-changing world of social media, it is vital for influencers to be aware of Gen Z’s propelling trends in fashion, beauty, web3 technology, finances and more. If you are looking to maintain a modern relationship with your followers while producing content that truly resonates with them – then understanding what values they prioritise along with their interests and preferences is key. With such knowledge at hand, you can create relatable yet diverse material which reflects our society.

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