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Managing legal risks and rights is the foundation of every creator’s business.

Protecting your brand through strong intellectual property rights, protecting your content and revenue through meticulous brand partnership agreements; managing relationships with agencies, contractors and employees; and making sure your tv or film casting or publishing agreement is reviewed with a fine tooth comb are just some of the ways we’ve been assisting creators protect their rights for over ten years.

Legal Services for Creators

Commercialising influence is the key to success and longevity for every creator.

Our legal services are delivered in partnership with Pod Legal, a specialist intellectual property and social media law firm. Pod Legal were one of the very first social media law firms in Australia and know the legal side of content creation and commercialisation like you know how to create viral content.

The Business of Influence and Pod Legal can assist you by responding to and negotiating brand partnership agreements; manage any unauthorised use of your content or images; claim legal ownership of your podcast, blog, website, product and other intellectual property; and provide comprehensive legal review and/ or preparation of legal documents.

  • Brand Partnership Agreements
  • Legal review and written advice for television, film and radio casting contracts
  • Brand protection via trade mark registration
  • Brand protection by negotiating and settling online defamation disputes
  • Intellectual Property dispute advice, cease and desist correspondence, negotiating and settling disputes
  • Legal documentation for your website such a Terms of Use, Purchase and Shipping Terms, Privacy Polices, Disclaimers, Social Media Policies
  • Podcast Guest Releases
  • Licensing and Assignment of Intellectual Property
  • Business Structuring
Legal Services for Business

Influencer marketing has proven to be a huge growth asset for businesses – big and small. Understanding how to attract the right creators to your brand and set the scope of that relationship can often be unfamiliar territory. Long gone are the days when supplying free product to a creator resulted in any positive outcome.

With a depth of experience on agency side of matching talent with brands, understanding the campaign goals, setting the scope for deliverables reflecting outcomes, negotiating a value-based relationship and protecting that through influencer agreements is central to what we do.

If you need assistance managing the legals associated with an influencer marketing campaign, or any of the legal services listed above, you’ll be in great hands with us and Pod Legal.

If you’re looking for assistance managing the legal aspects of your influencer marketing campaign, or any other legal services related to working with influencers and content creators, get in touch with us today. We’ll help you navigate the territory of influencer marketing with confidence and ensure your business is set up for success. Contact us now for more information on our services.