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Instagram is constantly evolving and adding new features to enhance the user experience. Recently, Meta announced the expansion of Instagram Gifts after testing commenced in November 2022. The new feature that allows creators to receive virtual gifts from their followers.

The Process of Giving and Receiving Gifts on Instagram

The process of giving and receiving gifts on Instagram is simple. To give a gift, a user must first follow the creator they wish to gift. From there, they can visit the creator’s profile and tap on the “Send Gift” button. From there, they can choose from a selection of virtual gifts and add a personal message. The creator will then receive the gift and a notification in their DMs.

How Creators Can Earn Money with Instagram Gifts

In addition to providing a fun and creative way for followers to show their support, Instagram Gifts can also result in creators earning money. Every time a gift is sent to a creator, a portion of the gift’s value is paid to the creator. This provides a new and unique revenue stream for creators who can monetize their content and build a sustainable income from their efforts on the platform.

It’s important to note that the exact amount a creator will earn from each gift will depend on several factors, including the gift’s value and the country the gift was sent from. Creators can view their earnings from gifts in the Instagram Creator Studio, where they can also access detailed reports and insights about their account.

How to Check Eligibility for Instagram Gifts

To check if you are eligible for Instagram Gifts, you must have an active Instagram account and have completed the setup process for Instagram Creator Account. Also, your account must meet Instagram’s community guidelines and terms of service. To learn more about the requirements, visit the Instagram Creator Account Support Centre.

Potential Concerns with Instagram Gifts

While Instagram Gifts provides a way for followers to show their support and for creators to commercialise their content, there are some potential concerns worth considering. One such concern is that some users may not understand that giving a virtual gift on Instagram requires an out-of-pocket expense. This could result in users unintentionally overspending or feeling misled about the cost of participating in this feature.

To help mitigate this concern, it’s important for both creators and followers to clearly communicate the cost of giving and receiving gifts on Instagram. Additionally, Instagram should provide clear and transparent information about the cost of gifts, including the value of each gift and the percentage of each gift that goes to the creator.

While Instagram Gifts might provide a creative way for creators to monetise their content and for followers to show their support, it’s important to consider and address potential concerns to ensure a positive experience for all users.

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